Interaction in Online Environments

Uses in the Classroom

Infographics are visual ways of representing or sharing information, so they could be used to introduce ideas, share facts/figures, describe the weight of a particular issue, or students could use them to demonstrate what they understand or have learned about something. The really great aspect of infographics is that they're just as useful when being used for students as when they're being made by students.

Issues to Consider

They can be quite time-consuming, depending on the subject matter being represented or visually depicted. It can also be tricky to correctly cite images (if not using the images for use by a specific tool, like Piktochart offers). Infographics won't necessarily be appropriate for all kinds of information, so they need to be carefully selected for use in a classroom.

Copyright: The 3 images present in this infographic come from The Noun Project: "Reading" by Sebastian Langer, "Meeting" by Lance Hancock, and "Chat" by Mister Pixel.