I love Napkin.

I know, I know--the title almost sounds like that famous line from Anchorman., "I love lamp." 

However, I really do love Napkin.

Napkin is a fantastic app to make marking up and sharing screenshots so much easier! Lately, I've found myself almost constantly relying on it. You see, for the next 5 weeks I'll be facilitating a teaching online credentialing course for faculty in higher ed., and creating some image-based tutorials is often the easiest way I have to explain things. Napkin has saved me. Truly.

Also, I really try to talk up free apps when I can because, well, they're free. People like free stuff. The word "free" tends to help people be slightly more open-minded, too, especially when it comes to technology.

It is pricy, I won't lie. It's $39.99. (That's pricy for a girl who works part-time!) However, I really do think it's worth it. So if you're in the market for a new way to annotate and share images and are ready to spend some cash, I've shared my $0.02.

Shaelynn LongComment