Michigan Moodle Moot

Mid Michigan Community College will be hosting the Michigan Moodle Moot for the second time! We'll spend January 8 in workshops, with the actual conference taking place on January 9. I'm set to present twice at the conference--once about friendly and open course environments and another time about engaging students with specific Moodle resources/activities. My team and I will also be facilitating a workshop called "Building Beautiful Courses," which should be a lot of fun.

If you're interested, here are the conference descriptions:

WORKSHOP: Building Beautiful Courses: Layouts, Lessons, Blocks, & Books

Make courses beautiful! Add visual elements to your courses and use color & design methods in course shells using the layouts, lessons, blocks, and books in Moodle. We’ll begin by demonstrating how the main features in our presentation can work in Moodle, and then we’ll have lots of time to workshop adding visual elements, using headings and colors, and talking about how to enhance content with images and/or graphics.

PRESENTATION: Friendly & Open Learning Spaces for All Learners

Engage all of your learners with an environment that is friendly and open! Use materials and resources that are accessible--and what accessibility means beyond what we already know about ADA compliance. We will talk about the benefits of the use of cloud-based systems and Web tools to reduce the amount of software that students have to download and the need for carrying flash drives or emailing documents, so we’ll provide some of those resources and take some time to discuss when and how these can be utilized.

PRESENTATION: Captivating Students with Moodle Books & Lessons

We'll focus on how to create engaging spaces for student learning with the book and lesson features available in Moodle. Some of the topics will include adding hyperlinks, videos, and images. Participants will need to have a course to play in as part of this presentation, as work time will be built in to allow for participants to try out these features and the associated suggestions.